Friday, March 12, 2010

Or Should I Just Get Along With Myself?

blaghh, I'm crazyy scared.
SPM is this year.
and as they all say, the graphs for math and science subjects tend to be lower.
whereas the graphs for the BM subjects, like Sejarah, are higher.
and I'm crazy WEAK in BM and Sejarah! -.-
and if ANYTHING, I would rather the graphy LOOOOWERR for Sejarah.
if the paper gets tough, I'm a goner!
I need to start focusing and studying hard for the weakkk ones!

got the entrance exam on Saturday,
preliminary rounds for singing are tomorrow. or, more like later (:

ahhh! got so much piling up!
and I'm just procrastinating EVERYTHING
being too lazy and such. -.-
can't be good.

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