Friday, March 19, 2010

Some Settle for Less

here's what I think,
we live life to be happy.
the only purpose of life is happiness.
your OWN happiness.
of course, everyone wants happiness.
and sometimes, you can't be selfish to just think you deserve all the hapiness.
obviously, you've got to consider the happiness of others as well.

so, there's really no point in living life if you're not gonna get the best out of it.
hence, I have decided to change.
if I can, of course.
maybe, I little bit more self esteem? more confidence? more sporting?
a little bit more of everything?

anyway, I've got homework to doo.
ekk, I feel so lazy.
and there's the karangan to complete!
there's everything to do!
Art folio, the collage thing, Moral project.
and I almost forgot, we have the Al Gore project. SHIITT.

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