Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bridge Over Troubled Water

I'm not supposed to be blogging.
or even using the computer.
but anywayyyy!
I just feel like blogging
although, there's pretty much nothing to blog ABOUT

but I watch One Tree Hill yesterday!
episode 4!
my god, why does every episode have to be so sad.
but it's definitely not as sad as episode 3.
that was so sad,
I practically cried from start to end!

I watched Gossip Girl episode 4 too.
but I've got nothing much to say except, Chuck is nuts

I haven't been going to school these few days?
but I've been studying quite a lot (:
I hope?

Everton vs. Liverpool
27th !

1 comment:

Am said...

Lord Marcus is such a dissapointment:(

*you'll never walk alone.