Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Duracell Bunnies (:


Marseille boss, Erik Gerets last night claimed Liverpool were like Duracell Bunnies – because they can run forever.But he admits the current Kop outfit scared him, particularly after Saturday’s win over Manchester United.And he was amazed they did it without Fernando Torres and with captain Steven Gerrard – who we’ve mocked up as a Duracell Bunny– only involved for 20 minutes.“Liverpool are like the Duracell Bunnies – they are an example to the rest of the world for the effort they put in. You just wind them up and off they go. Liverpool have a fantastic coach, a fantastic team. I really hope that Liverpool win the Premier League, and we survive in this group and end up playing them in the Champions League Final.”Liverpool do not surprise me any more. They outplayed us then in everything they did, physically and tactically." Gerets paid tribute to Gerrard: "I don't know how many players in the world can score such a goal," he said. "It was a splendid goal. The guy's got class."

that is a damn hilarious article, seriously. but! it makes me feel so happy reading it! I got from Amelia's Blog (:
I think we've gone totally nuts. but who cares?
I feel so HAPPY, you have NO idea!

and this is a picture I've been meaning to show Amelia, but she's got Yahoo! problems. (:

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Am said...

You must find blogging pretty interesting nowadays.

MAN i love that article!How rare is it to hear an opponent's club manager praise the other club and players?DURACELL BUNNNIIESS:)


And I dont' care if anyone thinks I'm nuts.


Am said...

oops i forgot something

*you'll never walk a lone

HOTESHA said...

AHAHHA. yeahh. they don't usually praise the other team. so nice! (:

*you'll never walk alone (;