Monday, September 15, 2008

Could You Quit It?

sometimes, can't you tell when a person just doesn't want to hear anymore.

I had school today, and during lunch, I accidentally slammed the locker door on Iman's finger.
sorry, Iman!
and I mean, the weirdest thing is, who puts their thumb in the middle of the door?
but it gets weirder,
Iman didn't feel anything.
I mean, she said it really hurt when I first slammed it. but now it doesn't even hurt at all.
there wasn't even a blue-black on it.
and we could fiddle with, and it didn't hurt.
and there was even a DENT in her NAIL!
like, it sunk in at one part.

so yeah, I don't usually blog so often, but I just found it fascinating.

if you take a view at AMELIA'S BLOG.
you'll fine she has been really detailed about everything.
the dates of the Liverpool matches. and everything!
I kinda envy her.
I would love to write that much but I'm just so god darn lazy!!

they have a match tomorrow!
champions league.
against Marseille.


I'll promise myself,
after PMR, my posts will be longer!
and I'll actually post up daily.

I've got a class photo to redo =.=


Am said...

Geez im so scared for the Chelsea game!Its like,so ganas!..




Bernardine said...

Fuck Liverpool! :) You guys were just lucky that day, but that doesn't count so much. We'll just see who's the mightier one.

HOTESHA said...

AHAHAH. puh-lease, Bernardine. it ain't luck. you didn't watch. if you did, luck ain't the word you'd be looking for

Am said...

The losers complain and brag.

The winners laugh and ignore:)

What matters is,we won,and man utd lost,right?And so we shall continue to savour this precious and happy and victory moment,while you guys keep on feeling annoyed ,angry and frustrated..


WE WONN!!!!!:D
*you 'll never walk alone.

Am said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Am said...

Glory Glory Man...


didn't you guys lose?OOPS.MY BET.

Glory my toot la: D

HOTESHA said...

ohmygod, Am. don't be so evil! you're sounding like an MU fan =.= GAME LATER (: