Thursday, September 25, 2008


okay, I'm about to die
thanks to Amelia Chan,
I am just so disappointed in Steven Gerrard
no offense
I mean, as much as I LOVE Steven Gerrard,
I am SO disappointed in him marrying Alex Curran

I mean, LOOK AT HER.
also, no offense to those who are fans of the oh-so happy couple,
but she is just not right.

come on, look at Steven Gerrard.
he looks like the nicest guy on Earth!
and he looks so sweet and caring.
and look at his wife

I just feel like shouting at him and his oddness
how can he marry such a person.
he deserves WAY better
extremely EXTREMELY better
he deserves a relationship like Torres' relationship!
(as much as I love Torres, I like Olalla with him)
and Gerrard should just, marry someone he so deserves.
not some person with 2 kids and still parties and gets drunk!
come on!


it's not so bad here, though

she looks so bimbotic. grrr

she looks like she's just getting married for the dress and the veil!


LOOK AT HER and whoever the drunken girl is!

this is the worst picture. I mean, she's like, totally not caring and it looks like Gerrard is trying to say something. and she looks a bit plump cause she's pregnant.

I just, can't believe Gerrard would just marry someone like that.
or maybe he actually loves her.
but I just, don't like her.



Am said...



Am said...

I think we're being a little biass ,dont you think so?

we dont even KNOW HER!
but yeah,its not our fault we're being so judgemental.

I MEAN,look at her!oh my gosh!

He should take me instead.

I'm dead serious..


IMAN. said...

Ew.she looks like a fatter, more collagened version of paris hilton. Ew.