Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Suck It Up!

okay, Liverpool (England) vs. Marseille (France), Champions League Group D, will be on at 2:30am (+8.ooGMT) on channel 813 (Astro), Star Sports!

scares me.
scares me dead.

but, hopefully it'll be a good performance since they've been improving since their first Premier League game!

they've beaten Marseille before with the score of 0-4 at Marseille's homeground.
but Marseille has beaten them 0-1 at Liverpool's homeground. ODD

how cool is it to be a football player?
where you get to go around the world to do something you love?

anywayyyy, AMELIA has a lot to say. so just, go see her blog posts!
and we're going to come up with a SCRAPBOOK!
with loads of pictures, and news and everything. (:

fernandooo torressss! (;

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