Sunday, September 21, 2008


I don't think it's fair.
it was a goal.
it was a definite goal.
there was no offside,
no one touched the ball.
and LINESMEN call the offsides
and the referee didn't even give a reason for disallowing the goal.

but, I'm putting that behind cause nothing's going to change.
although I do hope that they suspend the referee.
maybe fire him?
demote him?

but if the goal hadn't been disallowed,
and had won,
that would've been an awesome game.
it's not that Liverpool sucked.
it's that Stoke just focused on defense so much
and Liverpool had so many shots to score.
it was a wonderful match.
just cause of the disallowed goal.

but well, nothing's fair

but that is just BEYOND unfair.

anyway, was supposed to go buka puasa with Elyas, Iman, Dickson and Jasmine.
but, parents refuse to send me.
so, yeah.

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Am said...

the feeling's coming back.

the bloody referee feeling.

but its okayy,we'll watch them beat crewe alexandra.

Torrees-1 goal,Gerrard-1 goal,Babel,another goal


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