Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here's to Love

the match was just over,
Olympique de Marseille vs. Liverpool

Liverpooool wonnnn! (:
both, scored by Steven Gerrard!
and by god, he is so cute. (;
I think they did better in the first half than the 2nd half.
or Marseille just got better at the 2nd half, maybe?

Midfielder, Benoit Cheyrou of Marseille played a delightful ball over a static Liverpool defence to send Lorik Cana away and scored a goal at the 23rd minute
with no defenders at the other end of the field,
he kicked the ball in, leaving Reina no chance to save. =/

Steven Gerrard then scored a goal 3 minutes later,
Fernando Torres beautifully stole possession in midfield and plays into the feet of Steven Gerrard, who cuts inside from the left and unleashed a powerful shot past goalkeeper Steve Mandanda.

few minutes later, Steven Gerrard had a penalty kick when Ryan Babel was brought down in the area by Ronald Zubar.
the kick had to be taken twice cause there were some players encroaching into the area.
that goal, had then been Steven Gerrard's 99th goal for Liverpool.

no goals were scored by either team at the 2nd half though.
later on, Fernando Torres was replace by Alberto Riera on the 65th minute, Steven Gerrard was replaced by Yossi Benayoun on the 69th minutes and Dirk Kuyt was replaced by Robbie Keane in the 86th minute.

there were quite a number of attempts by Marseille which were really heart-poundingly scary.
but thanks to Pepe Reina, they were saved (:
and I also LOVED the Liverpool jersey they used.



Am said...

I've never felt so happy in my entire life.

Except maybe that one timewhen my dad brought krispy kremes back for me.But other than that,I've never been this happy!:D


Am said...

And I can't believe yoou said I was acting like a mean man utd fan!

Kay fine.I was.But only because I was EXTREMELY HAPPY!AND HEY,this is the first time they've won since four years ago!

But I'll stop.Promise.

I'll show the world the difference between an agressive man ufd fan and a liverpool fan:D