Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Atletico Again

I'm watching the match right now.
it's been about 2 minutes.
there was a near goal by Liverpool
but no goal.
and Torres isn't playing!
he isn't even a substitute =.=
they're just keep showing him sitting there with his girlfriend and watching the match
what the hell =.=
and she's looking a little old =/


I think Liverpool are doing quite well!
(then again, they were doing quite well in White Hart Lane too)
but Atletico Madrid scored 1-0


I change my mind.
they aren't doing so well.
they sure know how to disappoint.


a draw =/ guess it ain't so bad?


Am said...

They almost lost,and it was at Anfield.

I'm definately not watching soccer anymore.

See what did I say?

There's a reason why the owners want to sack Benitez you know.

Quote Benitez'We will send a big message to clubs we can win even when we chnage players'

UHUH.Sure thing.

There's nothing wrong with the club,its the manager that needs to leave.

Am said...

I know you like him .

But if you've been with the club before he took over,you'll realize we keep losing because of his bad habbit of not sticking with players.

He talks too much at the same time.

I hope you're not feeling dissapointed.I'm not,cause I never had my hopes up.

There goes our second spot.History just repeated itself.

Not this season.We'll get it next season,when they sack Rafa.


YeohEening said...

Amelia, it's up to tesha wether she supports the manager or not. Leave it alone lah :D if you dont like him, just keep it to yourself.