Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Funny Without Fun

I'm EXTREMELY tired.
but I'm playing Sims! (:
and I HAVE to blog cause it's getting dull
but this is a boring post.
I had a camera, but I was too lazy to use it.

anyway, I had a trip to One Utama today.
got transportation there and back from Rong Tian, thanks (:
but when he came to pick me up, Chien Teng and Tiffany Khoo came into my house for something to eat
then we left

we met up with Elyas and Dickson at Carl's Jr.
they didn't finish SOO much of their food =.=

after that, we were gambling on whether to go to CC or watch Madagascar 2.
and then we bumped into Daniel Tham.
and we were talking and talking and talking.
and so, it was kinda late, so we decided to just stay and watch Madagascar 2.
but before we went, we stopped by Popular and Elyas bought 12packs of those Football cards.

we were kinda late for the movie.
but it was funny!
after the movie, Chien Teng and Tiffany left.
and I didn't get a chance to say bye.
then Dickson and Elyas played Foosball
then played pool
then Dickson and Rong Tian bowled.
Rong Tian can curl the ball! which is really cooool!
then they played Foosball again.
and we all went back.


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