Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thanks to A Happy Day

this is a boring, meaningless post. Feel free to read

I went to school today!

with no sleep
stayed up watching tv. (:
so now, I feel like crap.
cause I've only slept for a maximum of probably 3 hours in the past 34 hours or so?
so, yeah.
and I don't know why, I feel all weird and my right leg feels dead?

I went to school as a SUBSTITUTE for the basketball match.
I hope I make that clear, I am a SUBSTITUTE that hopefully, is never used
but it rained.
so it got postponed to tomorrow.
how inconvenient.
so I have to go to school again tomorrow
as a SUBSTITUTE that will NOT be substituted with anyone

that pretty much sums up my day.
oh, and I had nasi lemak for dinner (:

1 comment:

YeohEening said...

you are still going to school, tesha :D