Friday, November 28, 2008

Just As Deceiving

okay. I'm sorry, but I'm too lazy to blog right now.
so, I'll probably update like, on Monday? which is, pretty long.
but I'll be kinda tied up.
so when I get the time, I'll be blogging about..

  • Sunway Pyramid Ice-skating trip!
  • Liverpool vs. Marseille
  • Twilight outinggg!
  • Torres is odd? he can't get the football past a dog -.-
  • and, Torres pulled his hamstring AGAIN! for the 3rd time, in about, 3 months?
  • and whatever I have to say whenever I have to say whatever it is I wanted to say

tak tahuu lah (:
I'll update soon! quite a number of pictures included, I guess?

1 comment:

Bernardine said...

HAHAHAHA. Yes, it'd be so dreadful :p