Sunday, November 2, 2008

White Hart Lane

as stomach-aching-nerve-tightening-heart-stabbingly-painful it is to blog about the match,
I will anyway.
It's just so unbelievable.
I mean, I was SOO happy that Liverpool won Chelsea at Stamford Bridge
but then, lose to Tottenham?

the team at the top of the table,
lost to the team at the very bottom?
I mean, Tottenham have been doing SOO well.
and they played pretty well.
and Liverpool were playing REALLY well, in the first half.
and in the 2nd half they looked a bit tired? maybe?
and in when they were leading 1-0 at the beginning,
I thought, "knew it. it's going to end with only 1 goal difference"

well, it DID end with one goal difference,
but Tottenham winning 2-1
so, I can even BEGIN to explain my disappointment
and Carragher own-goaled =.=

so yeah, fine.
what's done's done?
I'm taking deep breaths and just wishing them luck against Atletico this coming Tuesday!
Torres is coming backkkk!
I miss him so muchhh!

I'm calmm
very CALM.
so, we'll talk about Robin van Persie whom has obviously gone nuts
what happened was, I think, it was a free kick? was it?
so someone kicked it.
and the goalie caught it.
so, as everyone was running back to continue the game,
he walked up to the goalkeeper and banged him to the ground.
I don't know what had happened that made him do that
but it's O_o
I'm looking for a picture
cause I found it kinda funny/scary/weird.

so, I'm calmmm.
Chelsea beat Sunderland 5-0
so, Chelsea's at the top
with Liverpool below by goal difference

and then, Manchester United at 3rd

so, I'm calm (:
I'm taking deep breaths.
Arsenal lost, 2-1 juga.
to Stoke City.

still calm.
poor Theo Walcott! he got injured really badlyy ):
and he's so small compared to everyone else and he looks so nice.
hope he gets well sooon!

I'm calmm.


Am said...
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Am said...

I'm just done ?

I'm not going to watch soccer anymore.I'm done,seriously.I have so much to say,but I'm not going to feel angry anymore.

I'm done with this club.