Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ya nada volverá a ser como antes

I am probably annoyed?
maybe that's the word.
but, Jimmy Bullard from Fulham, probably needs to get himself some GLASSES!
asshole -.-
he claims Fernando Torres head-butted John Pantsil on purpose
I could just KILL him.

I know he was a bit off that day.
and he got a bit angry
and he usually doesn't.
he wasn't himself during the match.
but he would NEVER do anything like that!

the picture looks like he did, fine.
but if you had watched the match.
he was just going near him.
like, doing that "what the hell's your problem" thing.
like, trying to intimidate him.
he was not, no way in HELL, head-butting John Pantsil!

I hope Jimmy Bullard opens his eyes for a bit

BUT, on the BRIGHTER side!
Fernando Torres has been named Barclays Premier League's Player of the Year by the Northwest Football Association!
he triumphed over Cristiano Ronaldo (nyahah!) and Steven Gerrard.
and he says he wants to win more awards (duh, who doesn't?), but more team awards than individual awards.
like, y'know, a TEAM award (:
how considerate!

anddd! I'm going to Sunway Pyramid tomorrowww!
I think, to ice-skate?
not sure.
but, yeah (:

ain't it a beauty?

this made me scream and jump on my chair.
anddd! Torres SINGS and PLAYS GUITAR!
just watchhh!
it's his best friend's band, El Canto del Loco.

and guess who's the Arsenal captain nowwww!
it's what my brother said would happen.
but I didn't think it would, cause he's so young and all.
but he looks like a leader, a responsible guy.
so, lovehimmm! (:
William Gallas is still in the team! hoorah for that!
and everything is past them.
so, no more draaammaa.

the article says he is destined for leadership!
woohoooo (:

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Am said...

you didn't have to mention gerrard's name ya know=.=

I agree,I've never seen Torres so pissed.

It was a really really bad performance.