Sunday, November 23, 2008


Chelsea drew with Newcastle
Manchester United drew with Aston Villa
Liverpool drew with Fulham

I'd have to say, they are all TIRED.
they are all probably DEAD tired from the international friendly that day

but, I'd say Liverpool played pretty well.
had a few shots here and there.
probably had a few missed opportunities.
but, cut them some slack!

and there was a part when Torres got SOO pissed off.
and he's usually really calm.
he's usually the one that makes sure no one gets pissed off and do anything stupid.
but yesterday, he got like, REALLY mad.
wish I could hug him (;

although, sad to say, Manchester City beat Arsenal 3-0

Arsenal must be really stressed out now, though.
with the whole, William Gallas drama.
I didn't know Theo Walcott would fight with Robin van Persie.

anyway, I was watching the Aston Villa vs. Manchester United match.
and then, when they took Cristiano Ronaldo off the field,
the WHOLE crowd was boo-ing him.
and surprisingly so, I really felt bad for him.
as ARROGANT as he is, I'm wondering how he can live with it.
he's walking off the field, with hundreds of thousands of people boo-ing him.
I wonder if he actually has the heart to tone down the arrogance.

anyway, I wanna get a Liverpool sweater! or a t-shirt!
they're soo niceeee! (:
but I don't think they have it here. =/


Am said...


Torres was pissed yesterday,for the first time.And did you see Stevie,he was siting there and wearing a SUIT!

I can't wait for twilight!

HOTESHA said...

oh yeah! I forgot to mention about Torres being pissed. so saddd );

yeah, I saw. Surprisingly, he wasn't there with his wife.